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Edge 540T-EXP 60 Blue Yellow Silver
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Specifications: Wingspan: 60 inches Length: 58.5 inches Wing Area: 760 sq. in. Weight: 5 - 6lbs Power: Hacker A50 - 14xs Speed con: Hacker X70 SB Pro Battery: Thunder Power 3850 - 5000 4s or 6s Radio: 5 channel w/ 4 Mini servos (We use Hitec HS-5245) The Edge features many of the construction techniques and technology incorporated into our hugely successful 48 inch EXP line. Rather than using carbon fiber and G10 composites as a way to dress up our aircraft and coming up with some kind of flashy name to use as a marketing gimmick, we actually use carbon fiber to add strength to the airframe at points that can greatly benefit from this material. Carbon fiber longerons add strength and rigidity to the fuselage while allowing it to be handled and transported without fear of breaking it. G10 composite sheets are used to reinforce the landing gear plate and supporting structure creating one of the toughest and most durable landing gear mounting systems in the business. Airfoiled carbon fiber landing gear, tail wheel assembly, and wing tube provide strength and durability at a great savings in weight. Of course the Edge features the intricate interlocking laser-cut construction pioneered by Extreme Flight almost a decade ago. 2 gorgeous high visibility Ultracote color schemes are available and feature matching showroom quality painted fiberglass cowls and wheel pants. A protective wing bag set is included as well as a decal set and spinner. The level of pre-fabrication is amazing and will allow you to get your Edge flying in a few short hours of easy assembly. The flying characteristics of the Edge must be experienced to be fully appreciated. There is simply no other aircraft that is any more stable in high alpha flight than the 60 inch Edge. If you are looking for an airframe to help you master the Harrier maneuver, then look no further, it simply doesnt get any easier. The Edge inspires confidence when you are down low and slow and wont bite you if you get a little sloppy with your inputs. It has enough mass to maintain inertia for a super fast roll rate and insane gyroscopic tumbling maneuvers, yet is light enough to float like a feather on landings. There are companies out there that would have you believe that low weight is the be all end all characteristic of a great 3D aircraft. This simply is not true. While a relatively light weight airframe is important, we must remember that we are flying aerobatic aircraft, not box kites. The 5-6 pound weight of the Edge has been perfectly matched to the aircrafts size and power system allowing it to be docile and floaty when required and fast and aggressive when desired. The performance envelope of the Edge is simply astounding.

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