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YAK 54- 60
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60" Yak 54-EXP ARF
It's no secret that Extreme Flight makes one of the best Yak-54 airframes on the market. With over a decade of experience with this airframe, countless contest wins and thousands of satisfied customers, the Yak-54 has been our "bread and butter" airframe. We know what it takes to make this model PERFORM! It only makes sense that we would produce this airframe in our most popular size and configuration, the 60 inch EXP series.
Introducing the Extreme Flight RC 60 inch Yak-54EXP! 

Extreme Flight Yaks are famous for in an economical and easy to transport design.
The Yak excels at all things aerobatic! Low and slow 3D, high speed XA, award winning precision ability and crazy gyroscopic flips and tumbles, the Yak-54EXP can handle whatever you throw at it.


Wearing the designation EXP, the 60 inch Yak-54 has all the unique features that are the hallmark of this series:
Carbon fiber wing tube, landing gear, tailwheel assembly and fuselage longerons, G10 reinforced landing gear mount, interlocking laser cut construction, HUGE control surfaces with insane amounts of available travel, 2 high visibility Ultracote color schemes, decal set, hardware package and wing bags.
Highly prefabricated, the Yak-54EXP can be ready for flight in a few short hours of easy assembly. If you've never owned an Extreme Flight Yak, you owe it to yourself to give one a try and this 60 inch EXP version is a great place to start!
5S Setup
    A50-14 X S
    MasterBasic 70SB
    APC Thin Electric 15x8
    1x TopFuel Hacker ~3400mAh 5S
4S Setup
    A50-14 XS
    MasterBasic 70SB
    APC Thin Electric 16x10
    1x TopFuel Hacker ~3400mAh 4S


Wingspan: 60 inches
Length: 58.5 inches
Wing Area: 760 sq. in.
Weight: 5 - 6lbs

Radio and Servo Requirements

Modern computer radio with 4 metal geared mini servos (Hitec 5245, 7245, JR 3711, etc.)

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