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These big motors are designed to for the very popular 80 to 150cc Gas class models. Intended as a direct replacement to power your model with quiet and clean electric-power. Engineered to deliver high power for sport and scale airplanes weighing 22 to 60-pounds (10,0-27,0 Kg). Pattern and 3-D planes upto 44-pounds (20 Kg), or models requiring up to 15KW of power. The 20-pole Outrunner type design creates MASSIVE TORQUE, therefore larger direct drive props can be used without the need for a gearbox. This m o - tor features Oversize bearings, Curved Neo-magnets and High efficiency stator design. Additionally, you will find a Special Large Concentric bearing located in the rotor to support the rotating mass during extreme 3Dmanouvers. The Propadaptor is exactly the same as you know from the Gas-Engine, so many Props will fit this motor without any change. For more info please go to:


Powerange                   max. 7000W (15 sec.)

Idle Current @ 8,4V                4A

Resistance (Ri)             0,018 Ohm

RPM/Volt (kv)             150 U/min-1

Weight             1900g

Diameter                      109 mm

Length              110 mm

recom. Speedcontroler             MasterSpin 170 OPTO

recom. Timing               22°


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