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B220ex (220N)
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EvoJet B220ex (220N) - The ultimate power plant option for all big jet models up to around 25 kg / 55 lb weight. Available in 180N, 200N and 220N thrust levels, upgradeable at £250 per thrust level at a later date. A new, larger, twin-scroll mixed flow compressor allows operating in a broader turbine speed range. The engine features an electric starter motor and electric kerosene burner (SFL12V), providing full control over the engine start-up from the transmitter. Propane gas is no longer needed. Features a single fuel line system so that no additional start-up fuel line is needed. 

  • New, larger twin-scroll mixed flow-compressor stage (7/7-blade). 
  • SFL12V - ceramic burner for fully automatic engine startup with no propane gas and no separate start-tubing.
  • Engine sensors fully integrated into the engine casing and therefore best protected.
  • Precision-balanced rotor with ceramic hybrid bearings for best running performance.
  • Mini JETRONIC-Vx ECU - extra lightweight and with powerful firmware.
  • All components with full evoJet warranty.


Pack contents

B220ex (220N) jet engine with mount, JETRONIC-Vx ECU, EDT display and programming unit, precision fuel pump, magnetic fuel valve, fuel tubing, LiFe battery, fuel tank clunk pick-up, cable set, operating instructions.

Thrust: Typically 23 kg / 51 lb @ 123,000rpm

Weight including Mount: 1.7 kg = 3.75 lb

Diameter: 112mm = 4.4 inches

Operating RPM Range:  30,000 to 123,000

Exhaust Gas temperature:  650°C - 720° C

Fuel consumption: approx 640g or 23fl oz Jet A1 per minute at full power

Lubrication: 5% turbine oil mixed with fuel

Maintenance Interval:  typically 2-3 years / 120.000.000revolutions / 25 operating hours

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