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Easy Glider PRO

Easy Glider PRO


Basic 4ch glider with comp. performance



The EasyGlider PRO is based on the popular and proven EasyGlider and EasyGlider electric. The EasyGlider PRO is designed for brushless outrunner motors and LiPo batteries, However, the model can also be built as a pure glider. The kit includes a fuselage nose cone in which the Multiplex aero tow mechanism can be installed.The models flying characteristics are just right for the beginner, although this by no means implies that the more advanced pilot wont enjoy it quite the contrary. If you are an expert you will soon discover that EasyGlider PRO behaves like a much bigger model, and its performance is also far better than you might expect.The EasyGlider PRO features:Low sink rate Can be ballasted to expand the airspeed range Landing aid both ailerons raised Can be finished using any standard spray can paints after prior treatment with MULTIprimer Pre fabricated moulded ELAPOR parts Convenient method of aileron servo connection when the wings are fittedKit contents:Moulded ELAPOR parts, GRP spar, all plastic parts required to assemble the model, small items, linkage components, decal sheet, comprehensive illustrated instructions.Reccomended equipment (not included):At least a 4 channel radio with receiver, ideally with mixing facility 2 x Nano-S servos for ailerons 2 x Tiny-S servos for rudder and elevator 1 x EasyGlider PRO power set or Tuning power set 1 x 2s 7.4v 2100 LiPo battery with suitable charger


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