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Easy Glider RR

Easy Glider RR


Ready built model with 4 fitted servos



The Easy Glider is a pure sailplane, capable of being aero towed or hand towed with the supplied towline, or hand launched on a slope. It’s lightweight, and clean lines guarantee long and stable flights. Assembly is fast with CA glues, and the sturdy ELAPOR Foam construction resists damage from the occasional hard landing. The Easy Glider uses elevator, rudder and ailerons for control and the two piece wing The Easy Glider Receiver Ready is perfect for the Pilot who already has a radio system. Just like an RTF version of the model is already assembled with the flight gear installed, just add receiver and a battery and youre ready to go. The Easy Glider RR version includes the following components preinstalled for your convenience:2 Nano-S Servos2 Tiny-S ServosAll Required Extensions FittedModel Specifications:Wing Length: 71 in.Wing Area: 645 sq. in.Wing Loading: 12.80 oz. | sq. ft.Fuselage Length: 44.25 in.Weight (English): 25 oz.Flight Characteristics: Glider Target User: Beginner-IntermediateONLY Transmitter, Receiver and Flight Battery required for Completion


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