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EasyStar RTF #1 3261

EasyStar RTF #1 3261

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Easystar ll  #1 3261

    • Complete with everything needed to fly this Easystar ll
    • Transmitter mode – 2
    • Transmitter – Multiplex Smart SX W/Intelligent model identification
    • Range – Full Range
    • Powerful brushless motor – three times the power of the original
  • Ailerons ready – Note: Aileron Upgrade set # 6 5162


Flying made easy!

With its superbly docile flying characteristics and safe, rear-mounted motor the new EasyStar II forms the ideal first stepping stone into the hobby of model flying, as well as being a robust fun machine for the more experienced model pilot. The EasyStar is truly the universal beginner’s model, and many thousands are already flying. The new version incorporates many detailed improvements. With the recommended 2000 mAh LiBatt flight battery the model is capable of flying for up to forty minutes without any thermal assistance.
Fit a 4600 mAh LiBatt pack, and flight times of up to ninety minutes are possible

Kit contents:

ELAPOR®-Modell 100% factory-assembled, inclusive PERMAX BL-O 2830-1100 motor, speed controller BL-20 SD-L, assembled propeller 7×6, 2 Servos Nano-S, RX-5 M-LINK ID 1 receiver, Li-BATT eco 3/1-2000 flight battery , SMART SX M-LINK, Transmitter batteries, 230V MULTIcharger L-703 EQU, applied decal and comprehensive instruction

  • Powerful brushless motor – three times the power of the original EasyStar
  • Folding propeller as standard for reduced drag in glide mode
  • Easily detachable tailplane for ease of transport
  • Ailerons prepared – Note: Aileron Upgrade set # 6 5162
  • Large internal space – ample for a large LiPo pack



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