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TP-5000 Car PR

TP-5000 Car PR


Pro Race Series Hard Cased car Li-po battery



At the core of every 5000mAh Pro Race 40C series battery is one of the worlds most advanced and powerful LiPo cells EVER; designed, developed and manufactured to provide maximum performance at continuous discharge rates up to an unbelievable 40C. And while few surface (or aircraft) applications will ever push these cells to their maximum capabilities, their extremely high discharge rate capability comes as the result of a special combination of high-quality, Japanese-produced materials and an advanced chemistry that offers the lowest possible resistance in order to deliver maximum voltage under load. As the discharge curves on the accompanying graph show, these cells can deliver average voltage in excess of 3.75V each at loads of 7C (35 amps), and even average more than 3.40V each at the whopping 40C (200 amp) rate! Specifications: Pro Race Series Hard cased Car Li-po pack3.7V 5000mAh (1 cell) 40C (200A) cont 80C (400A) burst 138mm x 47mm x 24mm 304 grams Deans Connector Thunder Power 4-pin tap


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